Welding is a process which utilizes a power supply to create and maintain an electric arc between an electrode and base metals in order to melt the materials at the welding point, thereby joining them. Both direct (DC) or alternating (AC) current can be used.


At FabTech-IGM we employ some of the best welders in the business. With an average experience of over ten years, we have the skilled tradesmen with the ability to make sure we produce the highest quality welds. Welding capabilities include:



22 TIG & MIG Welding Stations



15 CNC Spot Welders




One Hypertherm Plasma Cutter and two Grinding Stations


The FabTech-IGM engineering team engages in concurrent and collaborative engineering with customers to determine the best design for your product. This results in the most efficient production process, delivering the best value for you.

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FabTech-IGM Solutions provides assembly and testing of customer-designed products. Our high level of vertical integration provides engineering, manufacturing, assembly, test, and delivery of our customers products.

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Fabrication Services