FabTech-IGM's supply chain management integrates our assembly operations and all purchased components. Through careful planning and strong supplier relationships, design changes can be quickly implemented with minimal interruption.

Based on “pull” demand, which is created from our customer orders, Kanban shortens the supply chain by taking inventory out of the system. Demand triggers a signal for replenishment that propagates throughout the supply chain.

FabTech-IGM Solutions has developed an extensive supply base that blends the right balance of offshore and domestic sources to achieve an uninterrupted supply chain.


FabTech-IGM Solutions sets up flexible delivery schedules based on customer needs. A specific Kanban quantity can be determined for any part, ranging from a box or cartload to a truckload. Deliveries are made when you need them.


Many of our products contain sheet metal components, which are fragile and require specialized care. FabTech-IGM Solutions can design carts for the safe transport of fully assembled parts. Once emptied, carts are returned for refill.


FabTech-IGM Solutions designs and executes strategies to reduce turnaround times, optimize freight, and minimize costs.


The FabTech-IGM engineering team engages in concurrent and collaborative engineering with customers to determine the best design for your product. This results in the most efficient production process, delivering the best value for you.

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FabTech-IGM is a leader in contract manufacturing, engineering and assembly of fabricated sheet metal products. With an outstanding combination of "state of the art" technology complimented by the best people in the business, we've established the benchmark for the industry.

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