Printed Circuit Board Assembly

From concept to market, we work with you to develop and deliver the printed circuit board technology you need to grow your business. Large orders, small orders or custom orders – we do it all.


Combining the latest technology in printed circuit board assembly with the proven capability to produce small and large quantities cost effectively – Fabtech-IGM incorporates expertise in hand soldering, custom fabrication and automated assembly. Whether it’s surface-mounted, thru hole, rigid, rigid-flex, fine pitch or micro BGA, we have the skills and engineering expertise to design, develop and test. Design integrity, exacting standards – second to none.




Our Printed Circuit Board Assembly capabilities include:


  •     Screen printers with auto paste height monitoring and autopaste dispensing
  •     Pick and place machines with up to 40,000 CPH with the ability to perform electrical test on discreet SMT components such as caps, resistors, diodes (up to 19volts), Tantalum caps and SOT23 transistors
  •     Reflow ovens with 10 zone with Nitrogen capability
  •     Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) with 10 mega pixel camera and 4 oblique 10 mega pixel cameras with laser detection for lead height capability
  •     Selective Solder with 3.5" mini wave capability
  •     De-Panel with manual router (manual because it is not an in-line machine)


The FabTech-IGM engineering team engages in concurrent and collaborative engineering with customers to determine the best design for your product. This results in the most efficient production process, delivering the best value for you.

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FabTech-IGM is a leader in contract manufacturing, engineering and assembly of fabricated sheet metal products. With an outstanding combination of "state of the art" technology complimented by the best people in the business, we've established the benchmark for the industry.

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