FabTech-IGM serves gaming customers worldwide as one of the largest designers and providers of parts and assemblies used in slot machines, card shuffling devices, money counting and bill dispensing equipment.

Heavy Equipment

We provide pieces, parts and assemblies that run the gamut of welded painted metal to sub-assemblies that are ready to be bolted on and installed. FabTech-IGM has worked with customers on equipment found in agriculture, mining, oil & gas, construction and over-the-road vehicles.

Medical Devices

FabTech-IGM’s ability to produce precise, high-quality parts and assemblies has attracted customers that produce mobile diagnostic equipment, CT, PET and MRI devices, infant care equipment, mobile surgery and laboratory equipment.


A wide variety of items are designed and produced for the Electronics industry.  Server housings, NEMA enclosures and telecommunication racks have been produced by FabTech-IGM along with bracket sub-assemblies, controls, drives, motors and panels.

Financial Services

Fab Tech – IGM manufactures parts and assemblies that do everything from dispensing cash to protecting valuables.  Some of the solutions provided to manufacturers include Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), money counters, cash-dispensing equipment and floor & wall safes.