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Printed Circuit
Board Assemblies

From prototype to product integration.

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Metal Fabrication

Superior engineering and exacting manufacturing processes you can count on.

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Integrated Assembly

High quality fabricated products meticulously assembled,
rigorously tested, ready to perform.

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Assured Quality

Experienced engineering, state of the art manufacturing and rigorous testing produce fabrications and assemblies you can count on.

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Made in America

Proudly manufacturing all products in the USA for over 40 years.
Serving customers worldwide.

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Customer Driven Focus

We don't just make parts, we make partnerships.

Engineering, Fabrication and Integration of Electronic and Metal Parts

We know that true strength comes from within and we ensure that everything from the parts we manufacture to the components we assemble embrace this belief. Our capabilities are expansive. Our commitment to our customers is unrelenting.

Fabrication Technologies, Inc.

Engineering & Fabrication of Metal Products

We combine the latest technology available in the sheet metal fabrication industry with a primary goal of helping our customers bring their products to market faster and more affordably. Large orders, small orders or custom orders – we do it all.

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IGM Solutions, Inc.

Vertically Integrated Contract Manufacturing & High Level Assembly

From fabrication to printed circuit board assembly, we have the capability to handle it all – high-volume/low-mix or low-volume/high-mix product lines. Our total immersion in lean manufacturing is present in every aspect of our business.

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I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to your entire company for the outstanding support that FabTech has provided Oneac during my entire stint as VP of Manufacturing. Your attitude and effort helped Oneac succeed and has placed FabTech at the top of our list of outstanding suppliers.”

Chuck Boutell, VP of Manufacturing