Kaizen Philosophy

Kaizen literally means "change for the better". Key elements of the process are:

All elements of the process are reviewed and documented.








Plan and Design new procedures to eliminate waste.





Implement new procedures and collect new data.








Evaluate results.







Kaizen events result in:

  • Promoting teamwork
  • Sustainable improvements
  • Improved morale & workplace safety
  • Real-time problem solving
  • Suggestions for improvement from all employees
  • Better decisions through use of data

Kaizen process = elimination of waste, achieving discipline, standardization and quality. FabTech-IGM has achieved considerable savings and increases in productivity through the use of Kaizen Events. Teams of people from all levels of the organization collaborate to look at all of our processes and procedures to determine what can be improved. This added value is passed back to our customers in the form of reduced costs, improved quality and shorter lead times.

Prototype Rapid Response Cell

NPI from conception to production.

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Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is embedded in our Corporate Culture.

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Kaizen Philosophy

Continuous Improvement

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Everything we do begins and ends with quality in mind.

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