Our History


From our very beginning as a welding shop to the world-class, full-service Fabricator and Contract Manufacturer we are today, we have always been led by a commitment to quality and customer service.
We opened our doors for business as a small welding shop in NW Indiana, under the name Weber Industries.


We changed our name to Fabrication Technologies, Inc. in order to better convey the broad range of capabilities of the company.


Expanded our current manufacturing facility to better serve our customers.


We established IGM Solutions, Inc. for High Level Assembly work. The result of IGM's success was added value to our customers by reducing handling of their products, number of vendors, production time and costs.


Embarked on our Lean Manufacturing journey. It is now part of our corporate culture from the President to production staff. Our entire team is focused on continuous improvement.


Converted from Lean Sigma to Toyota Production System; Single Piece Flow