About FabTech-IGM

Who We Are

World-class manufacturing formed from the ground up with a strategic vision in supply chain management.

Other companies make parts - we make partnerships!

FabTech-IGM Solutions was built around a world class manufacturing and assembly strategy coupled with a strategic supply chain management vision. Now an established leader in contract manufacturing services, FabTech-IGM has two locations: Libertyville, Illinois, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Our operational practices allow us to deliver the highest quality products to our customers.


By partnering with our customers, we develop long-term relationships. Early supplier involvement during new product development is critical in the pursuit of increased value for a high level assembly. That involvement facilitates long term success for both teams.

Core Values

At FabTech-IGM, people make the difference — we invest in people that are the best in their respective professions. Our corporate culture is rooted in passion for what we do, in passion for quality, and in a passionate commitment for doing whatever it takes to make our customers successful. These core values are shared by everyone at FabTech-IGM.

Why FabTech-IGM?

Superior Quality

The FabTech-IGM difference starts with our proven ability to deliver customer success.

FabTech-IGM has the tools available to make any part our customers' design. We apply state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, procedures and quality testing to each project. Even when designs change, our process assures that the changes are minimally disruptive and effectively implemented.


Why FabTech-IGM?

Total Customer Satisfaction

Our Customers’ success is our primary mission: We deliver what you want when you need it.

We are customer driven. FabTech-IGM works collaboratively with our customers, creating effective, long-term relationships that result in better products.


Why FabTech-IGM?

Our People

Our experienced staff has a passionate commitment to our customers.

With an average tenure of over 7 years, our staff has the knowledge and experience to get it done right.